Capped Portfolios 

By maintaining smaller portfolios, our property managers can efficiently handle all necessary tasks while cultivating strong relationships with landlords, tenants, and contractors. This approach ensures the optimal upkeep of the property.

No Contracts 

Our management agreements are open-ended contracts, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service that we believe will meet your satisfaction. Nevertheless, recognizing that circumstances may change, we have designed our agreements to offer flexibility. If, for any reason, you choose to discontinue our management services, you are not bound by a fixed term. We simply request a 30-day notice period to facilitate a seamless transition.

No Maintenance Fees

We are dedicated to simplifying your life. As an integral component of our management service, we coordinate and supervise all maintenance and renovation tasks according to your specifications. Furthermore, we handle the payment of invoices directly from your rental income, with no additional charges to you.

Virtual Walk-through Advertising

We offer Matterport advertising which gives a virtual 360-degree virtual walk-through tour of the home. This enables access to tenants from near and far for 24/7 viewings of the property.

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Landlord Portal 

Transparency is paramount to us. All our landlords enjoy 24/7 access to their dedicated online portal, containing essential documents such as monthly statements, end-of-year statements, and invoices. This convenient access ensures that not only can you monitor your financial information throughout the year, but it also facilitates your accountant’s work during the annual financial reporting, as you can grant them access to your portal.

No Letting Fee

When seeking new tenants for our Rotorua properties, there is no letting fee associated with the process.

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Our property managers are co-owners of IPM, with a significant financial stake in the business. This unique ownership structure guarantees long-term stability, assuring that your property manager will be a consistent presence. Building and maintaining strong relationships with our property owners is a core value, as we understand the adverse impact that seasonal turnover of property managers can have on landlords.