Full Management
Our comprehensive full management service encompasses various vital components, including tenant acquisition, pre-condition inspections before tenant occupancy, final inspections to ensure property standards upon departure, rent collection, representation at tribunal hearings, and compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act. Additionally, we facilitate maintenance and renovation processes efficiently with the aid of state-of-the-art software, offering tenants 24/7 access to our maintenance chat-bot for their convenience.
Periodic Routine Inspections
We conduct routine inspections at three-month intervals. Following each inspection, you will receive a comprehensive written report complete with photographic documentation highlighting any maintenance concerns or tenant-related issues.
No Maintenance Fee
As an integral aspect of our management service, we coordinate and supervise all maintenance and renovation tasks. Moreover, we handle the payment of invoices directly from your rental income, with no additional cost to you.
Credit Checks – Included in the above Letting Fee
We highly recommend conducting credit checks on all prospective tenants before extending a property offer.
Tenant Vetting
We conduct a comprehensive screening process for each applicant, which includes a thorough examination of their current and prior rental references, character references, and their financial ability to meet rent obligations. Our commitment to finding the right tenant from the outset is aimed at ensuring a seamless and successful tenancy experience.
Property investment extends beyond the immediate, encompassing a strategic focus on the larger perspective. We are here to engage in consultative discussions with you concerning your investment plans. Our aim is to explore methods for property maintenance that optimize your investment returns. Given our profound comprehension of the intricacies of property investment, we are well-equipped to deliberate on the requirements of your valuable property assets and collaborate with you to implement strategies that yield the most favorable outcomes.
Allow us to secure a new tenant for you. This comprehensive service encompasses advertising, meticulous tenant screening and shortlisting, exclusive invitation-only open houses, background checks, bond lodgement, tenancy agreement preparation, and pre-tenancy inspections. Rest assured, we uphold the same high standards for tenant placement as we do for our own rental properties; your property will only be leased to tenants who meet our rigorous criteria.
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