24/7 Tenant Maintenance Chat-Bot

Our 24/7 automated chat-bot is designed to assist you in resolving any maintenance issues promptly. In the event that an issue remains unresolved, it offers you the convenience of logging a maintenance request. Your property manager will then promptly coordinate the necessary tradesman services to address the problem as soon as possible.

However, if you do not have internet access or a smart device, rest assured that our property managers are readily available to provide assistance. Simply contact them by phone, and they will be at your service.

Virtual Walk-Through 360° Degrees 24/7 Viewings

Some of our homes will have a virtual 360° walk through, so you can have a look through anytime!
Click here to see an example.

We Want Your Move To Be Easy

We will facilitate the seamless transition of your phone, power, gas, internet, and other essential services when you relocate to your new home through our Moving Hub service, all without incurring any additional costs. Even if you haven’t previously arranged your power services, rest assured that Moving Hub will provide expert assistance without any upfront setup fees

Capped Portfolios

By maintaining smaller portfolios, our property managers can efficiently handle all necessary tasks while cultivating strong relationships with landlords, tenants, and contractors. This approach ensures the optimal upkeep of the property..